Working with Vision Responsive

Working with Vision

Working with us is a very transparent process. We make it a matter of principle that you should be involved from start to finish. That way, you have the information you need to understand what’s going on, we know what you expect from us, and we can follow up on any concerns expressed. Finally of course, it avoids any nasty surprises! 

• Once we’ve established a brief, we set out milestones from the start that determine what we will deliver and by when. 

• You’ll see all stages of development with “live” updates on a password-protected new site. 

• We guarantee you’ll be absolutely delighted with the result.

Of course, our work doesn’t stop when the site is completed. A website is never set in stone. As your business progresses, you’ll need to make changes and developments will be necessary. 

We’ve got that covered. We’ll give you: 

  • An easy to use interface for updating, adding text, photos or images. We designed it specifically so that even the most computer-phobic user with almost no knowledge of IT will be able to understand it. Updating a website has never been easier! 
  • Robust training that gives you the tools to work on your site. As we’ve said, our Content Management Interface is incredibly easy to use. If you do feel you need some training, our specialist trainer will visit you just to make sure you’re certain of what you’re doing. 

Of course, problems will always crop up, and often at the most inconvenient of times. Just for example, when you’re on the point of launching a new product, when you want to make changes that you can show an important new client or when things are just getting on top of you and you need a helping hand. We’ll be there providing on-call support providing advice and technical help when you need it.